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CPC Holder Definition

CPC Holder, is the term commonly used within the transport industry for a person who holds a Certificate of Professional Competence in transport management. A Certificate of Professional Competence is gained by taking and passing an examination. After being awarded the certificate the person is then considered to be Professionally Competent in the management of transport operations. Often the term CPC Holder is used to describe the transport manager who is nominated on the Operator’s Licence.

In fact, this is only correct when the Operator’s Licence is either a standard national or international Operator’s Licence. It is possible not to be a CPC Holder and be a Transport Manager on an Operator’s Licence. This is when the Operator’s Licence is of a type, or nature know as a Restricted Operator’s Licence, also known as an “Own Account Operator’s Licence”. This is due to there being no statutory requirement to nominate a person, who is a CPC Holder as a Transport Manager on this type of Operator’s Licence.

Therefore, any definition of CPC Holder in relation to the transport industry needs to consider the statutory definition of a transport manager, as to be a transport manager on a standard national, international Operator’s Licence, the transport manager needs to be Certificate of Professional Competence holder. Therefore, in practice within the transport industry, either the term Transport Manager, or CPC Holder is used, to describe the individual role, in relation to the Operator’s Licence, where a nominated Qualified Transport Manager is part of the requirement of the Operating Licence held.

Additional information regarding CPC Holders

CPC Holder (Certificate of Professional Competence holder) and the requirement of having one nominated in relation to the granting of an Operators’ Licence and the ongoing use of an Operator’s Licence when those licenses are of a national or international nature, does in a lot of cases come as a bit of a surprise to many who are applying for an Operator’s Licence of the type as mentioned above, for the first time. Many may not have even heard of the terms, Certificate of Professional Competence, CPC, or CPC Holder, never mind understanding the role a CPC Holder has to play, in relation to Operator Licencing regulations.

Therefore, Oplas Transport Consultancy has developed this website, with the purpose of showing how important the role of the CPC Holder has become in the transport industry of today and in the future plus promoting its Transport Manager CPC Holder service and other services it offers in the area of transport regulatory compliance.

When using this website, you will notice the term “Transport Manager CPC Holder”. This term is used due to the fact that a Certificate of Professional Competence holder has shown via examination that they are competent to manage transport operations, which remain compliant to the current licensing regulations surrounding that operation, i.e. Goods Vehicles (HGV), Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV) operations. Plus, if a Transport Manager’s nomination on an Operator Licence of a national or international nature is to be successful, then the nominated person, must have obtained a Certificate of Professional Competence.

Therefore, a CPC Holder is a formally recognised and qualified Transport Manager and matching the term Transport Manager CPC Holder, which has become the norm in describing a CPC Holder in relation to Operator Licensing regulation.   

Finally, Oplas Transport Consultancy would like to thank you for giving some of your time to visiting our website and the chance for Oplas Transport Consultancy to offer its services in transport compliance to you. Please find below or to the right-hand side of this page direct links to our other websites, which are dedicated to a number of areas of transport regulatory compliance, including the CPC Holder Service page which is offered on this website and other transport regulation management services as well as solutions offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy. Please feel free to navigate your way through this website, if you are after more information relating to matters concerning the Certificate of Professional Competence or being a CPC Holder.

A summary of that definition is as follows below:

A Transport Manager; must be a natural person and not a limited company or any other commercial entity. The Transport Manager must effectively & continuously manage the transport activities taking place under the authority, of the Operator’s Licence that said Transport Manager is nominated on. The Transport Manager, must have a genuine, & direct link to the Operator’s Licence, which he/she is nominated on such as being an employee, director, company secretary, owner or shareholder. If a self-employed (Sub-Contract, Freelance, Outsourced), Transport Manager is used, the requirement of a genuine, & direct link to the Operator’s Licence, which he/she is nominated on, is still required. This is normally done via a Contract of Services.

This Guide Has Been Produced, as a Basic Definition of the Term CPC Holder, in Relation to the Operator Licence Regime & Therefore Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice