CPC Holder Definition

CPC Holder: Definition

CPC Holder, is the term commonly used within the transport industry, to a person who holds a Certificate of Professional Competence in transport management, hence the term CPC Holder. A Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC is gained by taking & passing an examination, after which the person is rewarded with a Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC, & they are then consider to be Professional Competent in the management of transport operations. Often the term CPC Holder is used to discribe the transport manager, when nominated on the operators licence. In fact this is only correct, when the operators licence is either a standard national or international operators licence. It is possible not to be a CPC Holder, & be a Transport Manager, this is when the operators licence in question is a Restricted Operators. This is due to the fact that there is no statutory requirement to nominate a person who is a holder of an Certificate of Professional Competence. (CPC Holder)

So any definition of CPC Holder in relation to the transport industry, needs to take into account the statutory definition of a transport manager, as to be a transport manager on a standard national, international operators licence, the transport manager needs to be Certificate of Professional Competence holder (CPC Holder). A summary of that definition is as follows below:

A transport manager, CPC Holder must be a natural person, who must effectively & continuously manage the transport activities taking place under the authority, of the operators licence that said transport manager, CPC Holder is nominated on. The transport manager, CPC Holder must have a genuine link to the operators licence, which the said mentioned transport manager, CPC Holder is nominated on. Such as, being an employee, director, company secretary, owner or shareholder or a self-employed transport manager, CPC Holder with a Contract defining the areas of responsibility, when nominated on the operator licence holders licence(s)