CPC Holders Conditions of Registration

CPC Holders that are willing to offer their services on a independent basis, are attracting the interest of more small & medium size operator licence holders. Looking to use the services of CPC Holders, on their operator’s licences. As the nominated CPC Holder on their operators licence.

To match this growing requirement within the transport industry. Oplas Transport Consultancy has developed a database, giving Oplas Transport Consultancy a good chance of finding, willing & qualified CPC holders willing to act as the nominated CPC Holder, for any operator licence holder, having giving Oplas Transport Consultancy an instruction to help source willing CPC Holders for their consideration. there services when used will be in compliance with regulation (EC) 1071/2009. Every Transport Manager CPC Holder on our database has agreed to offer their services on a self-employed basis.

When giving your details to Oplas Transport Consultancy in relation to applying your services, as a CPC Holder, You are agreeing to the following conditions.

CPC Holders Conditions of Registration

1. All CPC Holders accept that Oplas Transport Consultancy does not guarantee to be able to introduce parties looking for the services of the CPC Holders on its database, & whilst acting as your agent.
2. Oplas in terms of any future introductions will be acting solely as an agent for the CPC Holders behalf, when introducing any of the CPC Holders, to any business, who have contact & instructed Oplas Transport Consultancy to source the services of willing CPC Holders, to be considered by the operator. On a self-employed basis. & in compliance with regulation (EC) 1071/2009.
3. All CPC Holders agreed to apply their services in such manner that that they are in accordance with both the guidance & regulatory requirements of the Operator Licensing Regime, such as (EC) 1071/2009, or any other statutory requirements, in relation to the work you have agreed to carry out on the behalf of the operator licence holder, on who’s licence you are nominated on, or have agreed to do work in relation to their operators licence
4. All CPC Holders agree that Oplas Transport Consultancy is in no way responsible for any statutory or regulatory compliance that is required of all CPC Holders when nominated, on any operator licence.
5. All CPC Holders agree that Oplas Transport Consultancy may check to see (with appropriate bodies, after seeking the CPC Holders permission) or ask may the CPC Holders to produce evidence of professional fitness & repute before any agreement to provide, any services to a third party can commence. No matter what, all CPC Holders will be required to the sign a declaration, to confirm that they for fill the above reference requirements, as part of any contract of services.
6. All CPC Holders are under no obligation to apply their services for any of the parties introduced to them by Oplas Transport Consultancy.
7. All CPC Holders agree by submitting their details you have agreed to Oplas Transport Consultancy keeping their details on its data base in-relation to external transport management & other commercial activities that Oplas Transport Consultancy is involved with & feels that is appropriate for their use.
8. The above is a summary of the required terms & conditions that make up the contract of services that All CPC Holders will be required to be signed, before the CPC Holder will be able to apply any of their services, & before any payment is made for said services.

If you agree to the above, please complete the form below, & thank you for submitting  your details.

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