CPC Holder Definition

CPC Holder, is a commonly description in use within the transport industry for an individual who is the holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC in transport management. A Certificate of Professional Competence is gained though examination. After passing the examination, & obtaining a certificate. The individual is then considered to be Professionally Competent, to manage transport operations. By the regulatory, & enforcement bodies, Office of the Traffic Commissioner, Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency.

In fact, a CPC Holder is only formally recognized as a transport manager. When they have been successfully been nominated on an Operator’s Licence which is either a standard national or international Operator’s Licence. On restricted operator’s licences, also known as an “Own Account Operator’s Licence” A transport manager can be in place, & even a CPC Holder. But due to the fact, that there is no statutory requirement to nominate a person, who is a Certificate of Professional Competence Holder as a Transport Manager, then they are not formally recognized as a transport manager.

Therefore, a CPC Holder is a formally recognised and qualified Transport Manager and matching the term Transport Manager CPC Holder, which has become the norm in describing a CPC Holder in relation to Operator Licensing regulations surrounding standard national, or international operator’s licences

A summary of the two terms, are shown below, which when combined, make up the more common definition as known, Transport Manager CPC Holder, used within the transport industry. 

A CPC Holder: Is a person who has gained a Certificate of Professional Competence Holder in transport management.

The Transport Manager, must be a naturel person, & not be a commercial entity, such as a limited company. The Transport Manager must have a genuine, & direct link to the Operator’s Licence, which he/she is nominated on such as being an employee, director, company secretary, owner or shareholder.

If a self-employed (Sub-Contract, Freelance, Outsourced), Transport Manager is used, the requirement of a genuine, & direct link to the Operator’s Licence, which he/she is nominated on, is still required. This is normally done via a Contract of Services.

Any Transport Manager must effectively & continuously manage the transport activities taking place under the authority, of the Operator’s Licence that said Transport Manager is nominated on.

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This Guide Has Been Produced, as a Basic Definition of the Term CPC Holder, in Relation to the Operator Licence Regime & Therefore Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice